Wednesday, September 02, 2009

class notes

I think everyone has a category of missing information: things any normal person in their range would know, should know. And yet – there you are: you haven’t a clue.

In my informal introductions to a new class of students today, I found out that one person had the unusual opportunity to stand on the stage with Bon Jovi. Did you talk to her? I asked.

I just don’t pay attention to celebrity names.

Yes, I’m back in class. Back on campus, back on the bike trails leading downtown. Back on Library Mall, thinking – it’s so much more colorful here when students are around.


Back in my office, late, late, watching students out on Bascom Hill (just outside my window) 'studying' in the barely warm evening sun.


I get on my bike and pedal home. The street construction is finished. The ride is smooth. Fast. At home I defrost lasagna and go over a new syllabus for another set of classes tomorrow.