Friday, August 31, 2012

one final day of August

We’re getting sloppy around here. We forget bedtime, wake up time, mealtime, rest time – it’s all getting rather fuzzy.

He does this, I do that, Isis interrupts, or not – nothing is predictable, nothing is regular.

It’s time (for me) to go back to school. You can see it: fall is in the air.

DSC02575 - Version 2

And I do (go to school) today. Faculty have a full day of meetings and so I rev up Rosie and get going. Early.

And when I get home, I’m tired. I had seen my doc this past week – that back issue was getting to be no small thing – and she told me basically this: move around a lot and avoid becoming obese. Well yes, fine, but in the mean time my back aches and I’m spent.

And so maybe tomorrow I’ll revise my game plan and maybe we’ll play tennis more and I’ll bike more and all good things will flow, but toady, I came home, I watered my overheated babies for one whole hour and I cooked dinner (when you’re tired, there’s always stirfry...)

DSC02580 - Version 2

... and then I could do no more.