Tuesday, October 23, 2012

worry not

I feel like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book -- one of those that had a long and tedious day and now cannot stop griping about it. My gripes are simple enough: I had a wakeful night, during which I worried about most anything and everything. If you had fed me a line about the possibility of a tornado and the closing of my favorite grocery store -- I would have worried. Indeed, I worried that I was charged with minding an infant and I hadn't the proper foods to feed it (I think it was a he, but I can't b sure). It was just slated to be that way: a night of worry. And what a surprise -- I woke up with bloodshot eyes and the idea that I was really falling apart at the seams. That lasted about five minutes and then I moved on, but still, one wants to -- I want to -- hop out and get rolling with enthusiasm rather than with worry and tired eyes. As I told my classes - you could tell my state of being by looking at the color of my clothes for the day. All somber. Though I noted that 90% of the students were equally somberly dressed, so it could just be the weather.

Just about the only shot of color during the day was this, on the way to the donkey car, because yes, I had to use the donkey car on this misty and often times terribly drenching day.

DSC00678 - Version 2

Upon my return home, life improved. Imagine how wonderful it is to drive into this driveway.

DSC00680 - Version 2

And though it rained, on and off, it was not especially cold. Here's a surprise -- those pansies I planted back in March or early April? Still going strong!

DSC00681 - Version 2

Our evening meal is pathetic even by our simple standards. Leftover Chinese take out. With a large green salad. Which is sort of like eating a croissant with pizza. Leftover microwaved pizza. But we had a lot to discuss, including the final plans for our winter trip -- version number 523 emerged and this one, I believe, is a keeper!

So I'll lullaby myself to sleep pretty soon and tomorrow I'll do the energetic leap out of bed and maybe maybe I'll take Rosie to work. It promises to be a new day, for sure a new day. And that's a good thing.