Friday, December 28, 2012

days of work, cont'd

I see myself as the kid who can't go out to play because some authority figure has decided that there's work to be done. No break for you, buddy. Stay home and clean your room.

From a predawn wake up, 'til now, I grade.

Here we are, a photo from breakfast -- note not how I eat breakfast, but how Ed's chin is finally free of the Santa beard. I tidied him up for our trip just before we sat down to our various foods.

DSC00421 - Version 2

Then, I take breaks only to stare outside, wishing I could be there, rather than here, on the couch, buried under papers. The snow is coming down again and the world looks fresh and clean beneath its soft new cover.

DSC00426 - Version 2

Ah, the world of the outdoors. I miss it so!

DSC00423 - Version 2

Back to my books, notes and papers.