Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The delightful part of such a gray but not too cold December is that we're not suffering when we step outside. That includes the cheepers who have been happy to wander the farmette in their usual fashion.


Though it's true that they don't like it when it rains! Who can blame them? Imagine putting your down jacket through the washer and then putting it on without drying it first! This morning, in the light drizzle, our hens looked mightily bedraggled!


It is the last pre-holiday morning. Ed and I have a lovely breakfast in the front room...


...and then I return to my Great Writing Project -- stalled for a while, what with the travel, the essay writing, and yes, Christmas. But as I sit with my laptop at the kitchen table, I look outside and see the hens moving nimbly between the bare raspberry canes and I think -- yeah, it's good to have these winter days that aren't that terribly cold. Even if the gray spell does continue, uninterrupted. (Remember: there are always chocolate covered raspberry gingerbread squares to carry you through!)


Tomorrow, the festivities begin. Or not. Are you in the thick of celebrations? Let me know if you have a minute. I always love hearing from you.