Saturday, December 27, 2014


It is a day of rest. We are all indulging in it -- catching up in the physical, the visual, the peaceful.

Ed and I had an early breakfast, before the young people were awake and about...


(The cheepers, too, were early risers...)


And then the kids came down and it was so clear that what they needed more than anything else was rest. and so I reached into my miniscule DVD collection and we watched three yes, three food movies in a row. It was so decadent, so rich, so... funny!

(So not for the camera... Oh wait, the cheese and crackers and sausage! I'll post a shot of that.)


In the evening we gathered for one last time at my older girl's place. Supper? Oh, eventually, after hours of reminiscing about who did what and when and for what reason, we ordered Laotian food, delivered.


Peaceful days make for quiet blog posts.   And that is exactly what I want to leave you with tonight: the quiet.