Sunday, February 01, 2015


Alternate post title: careful what you wish for!

As predicted, we are getting hammered by a good old fashioned blizzard. For February 1st, that's hardly news up here in Wisconsin, though this year it is indeed a show stopper -- it's the first major snowstorm of the winter.

Of course, I hoped there would be snow. You feel (or at least I feel) really cheated when the winter drags on without it. But, it is a ferocious storm with gales and the usual drifting snow.

Over breakfast, we talk about trying to ski later this morning...


... but a few adventurous moments outside (with futile attempts at clearing paths) convinces us to wait at least until tomorrow. It really is menacing out there!


Plans for this afternoon and evening change dramatically in various complicated ways for little Snowdrop's parents. Instead of hosting the baby and in part the mom this evening, I end up driving to their place while Snowdrop's dad braves the weather out on the highways for a necessary trip south.

So the good news is that I have a lovely bit of time with little Snowdrop and her mom.



The less than perfect news is that I have to leave the trusty but very rusty Ford up many blocks from where they live and of course, moving around in a blizzard is exceptionally awkward. But, I manage a roundtrip without slipping into a ditch or getting stuck in a snowbank so I am much relieved.

Art home, I make tomato bisque and bake cornbread, thinking that any leftovers (of the bread) would be popular with the cheepers tomorrow. They're in for a very cold night tonight!