Wednesday, February 25, 2015

still winter

It is what it is. Dull, dreary, cold. Even colder tonight. And snowing. Lightly, to irritate the snow lovers among us, because it's not enough to look nice or feel good under a pair of skis.

On the upside, we had a stunning (if mostly cloudy) sunrise!


And it happened at 6:38. That is almost an hour later than at the end of December, when I recall watching it break the horizon at 7:29. So much more daylight now, even if today it is rather a gloomy kind of daylight.

You wont notice streaks of sunlight streaming onto our breakfast table.


And it isn't the kind of day I would consider taking little Snowdrop out for another little stroll. We played today in her home, monkeying around. Well, maybe I was the goofy one.  She just gave me that quintessential Snowdrop stare that asks -- why is the world so confusing and what is my grandmother doing?


Oh, Snowdrop!


On balance, it was such a fine day! I cannot neglect a quick mention of driving home in the snow. Lily has her winter tires on and though Ed scoffs at this wheel change from one season to the next, I have to say, I felt like I was really gripping the road. Psychological, I'm sure, but so what? Is there a difference between happiness based on delusion and happiness based on reality?