Saturday, July 23, 2005

(From Washington D.C.)

One tiny plane now flies alllllll the way from the wee little city of Madison directly to DC. Shocking, isn't it?

I enjoyed sitting in the last row (that would be row 12) and counting the number of times people used the restroom in the course of a 90 minute flight. Repeat offenders were especially scrutinized.

How humid is it here? So humid that you’d think DC was built on a swamp. (And so it was.)

How good is the food? I’ll just give you the beginning and the ending, bypassing entirely the moulard duck breast with coriander cassis sauce, sweet potatoes and spicy orange ginger marmalade.

It's all about taste. And color:

DC July 05 015 chilled cucumber with cilantro, chilies, lime and shrimp salsa

DC July 05 019 classic strawberry shortcake

DC July 05 024 espresso of course

Finally, some photographic musings on amusing scenes from an evening walk around Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan.

DC July 05 026 he's just not into her

DC July 05 028 he's into her

DC July 05 025 window lights

DC July 05 037 window lights, two

DC July 05 039 Madam's organ at Adams Morgan

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