Sunday, August 05, 2007


I thought long and hard about what should be included in today’s post.

On the surface, posting would have to be counted as easy: I was in Chicago for the day.


I even met a young couple who had set up shop baking the most exquisite pastries. They're from Palermo, in Sicily. With a story. Just not my story.


But in fact, I had only three things on my mind and they were not the buildings of Chicago, nor the Pasticceria Natalina.

I was preoccupied with saying goodbye to daughters (especially the one who was heading back East)…


..and with returning home, on the road that I know better than any other – I 90 – winding its misty, rainy way back to Madison...


I did make a brief stop at Ed’s farmette, to see how the rains had benefited the plant life out there. Indeed, things were looking good.


(That's two. The third? It's just one of those things.)

And so I came home.


  1. must be the day to return - I did too.. home again home again

    jiggity jig

  2. Nice boobs in picture 2!


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