Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Suddenly, it’s so cold. I wrap a scarf twice around myself.

I can’t take the time to bike, to walk. Up early. Hearings, meetings, classes. Good, yes, it’s all good, but hey, did anyone notice how cold it is outside?

Ed says: let’s eat pasta. (Actually he first says: let’s eat Mexican, but I haven’t the time to drive to Madison’s newest attempt at south of the border fare.)

Comfort food. I rarely eat it anymore. And it isn’t because I haven’t the need for comfort. Especially when winter is hovering.

004 copy

At the restaurant, Ed does what he is so good at doing when he is comfortable. He dozes off.

006 copy

Food, soft light, cold air outside. Who can blame him.


  1. Ed looks like a young TOM STOPPARD

  2. richie d: so apt at so many levels and so wrong on still others... But yes, there is THAT look.

  3. bummed out.....


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