Thursday, January 04, 2018

January 4

The head spins: it was this cold yesterday! And bitter cold today! And it will be even colder tomorrow!

How long before we move on to something friendlier? We haven't the snow that Snowdrop would love, at the same time that we have temperatures that are downright threatening.

Numbers. Negative numbers, single digit numbers.

Early morning numbers: I'm up and on my way to check on the cheepers.  No, there's not much snow, but what there is, reflects the joyous moments spent playing in it with Snowdrop. We created these tracks!

farmette life (5 of 53).jpg

farmette life (7 of 53).jpg

Breakfast. I wake Ed and ask him if he really wants to come down this early. I'm speeding this morning. Major grocery shopping. Lots to do.

He comes down. I'm grateful. Orchids blooming away.

farmette life (9 of 53).jpg

The mid day is a bit stressful. Snowdrop has a big head bang at school. She is watched. Parents worry. She seems tired. Might it be because she has missed naps? Or is it the big head bang?

I had just explained to Ed that kids always keep you spinning.

There are medical consultations and discussions. She seems maybe okay. Is she okay?

I pick her up at the usual time: all worries put to rest. She is more than okay. She is chatty, bouncy, sharp, delightful.

I wasn't going to allow for play time outside. I mean, when the high temperature is in single digits -- that's not play weather. But Snowdrop really really  really wants a ride in the sled (with a baby in her lap). Ping! The thermometer registers 10F! (-12C) We have climbed above the cutoff point. Okay, Snowdrop! Away we go!

farmette life (19 of 53).jpg

Later, she picks up her snow shovel and throws the powdery cold stuff on herself and then just laughs and laughs...

farmette life (32 of 53).jpg

It's time to come inside, Snowdrop. It is really cold!

Into the farmhouse. Off with the boots, the snow pants, the jacket, the mitts, the scarf, the hat...

Robust appetite.

Grandpa always shared his cookies with me...

farmette life (40 of 53).jpg

Little one, I need to finish trimming your hair to get you ready for your big day tomorrow.
Grandma, my mom always says, I can do one more thing. So, I  have to feed my babies.

Never argue with a Snowdrop.

farmette life (51 of 53).jpg

This is the last photo I'm posting of this wonderful two year old.

Tomorrow, she turns three.

In the meantime, the temperatures drop, the winds howl and our bout of crazy cold weather continues.


  1. Love that last picture of Snowdrop! Reminds me of her dad at that age. He had an imaginary character, "Little Daddy", who gave us directions on his behalf... "Little Daddy says I should finish this first, then come to dinner." etc.

  2. Happy Birthday, Snowdrop! You have been 3 for a long, long time. Maybe you really are 4?


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