Monday, October 08, 2018


As I take Sparrow out for a brief stroll along our rural road (wishing so much they would hurry up and put in sidewalks in the neighboring development so I wouldn't have to veer into the mud by the road every time a car passes -- a precaution on my part since I always assume drivers are especially distracted on empty roads), I pause to say hi to our one neighbor.
Weird weather... I comment.
We are in a monsoon climate!

Indeed. It stormed and rained all night and now it's warm and humid again. There will be more storms, more rains this week, more humid weather. Wet monsoon weather.

Sparrow is with us from early morning. I'll say this much -- the sudden return of warm weather allows us a little more time outside.

(The cheepers look at him curiously. He is a bit taken aback by their presence. Who are these strange looking beings??)

farmette life-5.jpg

We eat breakfast, taking turns juggling the little guy as we down our oatmeal.

farmette life-7.jpg

farmette life-13.jpg

He is his morning cheerful self. Want to head out? Sure!

farmette life-18.jpg

As I push Sparrow up the driveway, I give a quick look a the flower fields. I must say, the front bed looks the best these days. The strawberries and cream hydrangea is fabulous as it moves from creamy white, to deep pink, to bronze. The false sunflowers are still at it and the cosmos adds that needed punch of color.

farmette life-30.jpg

Looking out across the road, to the south, I can finally take in the beauty of this season.

farmette life-35.jpg

To the west, north and east of us, the development slogs on. A half a year of digging and moving around dirt and all we see is mud and puddles and ponds and more mud.

farmette life-36.jpg

We turn in toward the farmette again. Oh, let me use this moment to throw out a thanks to my friend, who gifted this awesome purple double stroller that her own kids recently outgrew. Sparrow likes it and so do I!

farmette life-37.jpg

In the afternoon, we pick up Snowdrop. And here, things get a little crazy. Oh, the little one is happy to see us alright...

farmette life-39.jpg

And she is intensely happy to come back to the farmhouse with her brother...

farmette life-40.jpg

But at the same time, I get a call that my mom has had a slight mishap. This introduces a bit of drama, or at least uncertainty. Still, she is okay for the moment and so I return to my focus on the kids, even as the weather outside turns just plain wacky. I mean, it's starting to feel like true summer. Bugs and all.

It's a good moment to bring out the watermelon! (The girl loves her perch on the garbage can, though even at this elevated position, she looks small next to the big guy.)

farmette life-53.jpg

(Snowdrop finds a toy fish I had purchased for Sparrow. It becomes the focus of her story about feeding a pet fish. Sparrow goes along. He always goes along.)

farmette life-56.jpg

We all sense the weather change. Snowdrop wants to be out. Well, okay. Sparrow, are you up for more stroller time?

(Ed goes to clean the coop, Snowdrop follows. With Sparrow.)

farmette life-62.jpg

(Along the way, she picks flowers. Might as well. I understand by the end of the week, we'll have a killing frost.)

farmette life-65.jpg

Can I feed the cheepers?
I love how she knows the ropes. The feed first, then the bin with the corn. Scattered. 

farmette life-68.jpg

Where are you going, ahah? Sometimes he is grandpa Ed, mostly he is just Ed, sometimes he is still good old ahah.

farmette life-72.jpg

They climb the wood chip pile. Total happiness.
Ahah, you are the queen, I am the princess! (In her mind, a princess has the rule of the land.)

farmette life-79.jpg

Look! You can see the clouds everywhere!

farmette life-82.jpg

Not done yet. She blows bubbles. And then she does what she claims is her "very favorite thing:" she works the hose.

farmette life-88.jpg

At some point it spins around and soaks her solid. She feigns being upset...

farmette life-89.jpg

But in fact, she is delighted to spend the rest of the afternoon playing in her undies. While Sparrow looks on. Sparrow is nearly always happy just to look on.

In the evening, the happy duo goes home, I talk to my mother. Things are looking good. She'll be out and home tomorrow. We'll take it from there.


  1. Another keeper! -the first photo you posted after S came home from school. Haha, brother! She thinks you belong to her. Brother may have other ideas and he’ll be expressing them soon.
    I’m glad your mother is ok. I’m sure we all live with a subconscious worry about our aging parents. What will happen next? What will she need from me? Grandchildren need us too.

    1. Hmmm... maybe. But Snowdrop is content to be alone or with him -- whatever the demands of the day are. She'll give him a hug and then move on.
      My mom passed out while shopping. Knocked her head open but amazingly seems otherwise fine. So far as they can tell, nothing is really amiss. Except that she is awfully close to being 95. :)


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