Saturday, November 26, 2005

tiny bubbles and rough spots

It could be put off no longer. A morning of pleasurable reading, followed by an afternoon of much-needed purchasing.

I had three helpful assorted types accompany me. A winter jacket of mine needed to be replaced. They’re good at that sort of stuff. I’m not. Me, I see the first approximation of what I need and I take out the credit card. Good enough – my favorite shopping words.

Someone stayed at my side at all times as I made my way through Bloomingdale’s until the right-fitting perfect-looking jacket was identified Sure you’re all right now? – they ask as I wait to complete the purchase. Yes, yes, off you go, attend to you your own needs, I’ll be fine.

But I wasn’t.

The salesperson tells me that I will be receiving two $15 gift cards because my purchase exceeds $200. If I dropped a few more tens, I could get one more $15 gift card, redeemable until the end of December.

Panic. That’s a bargain, right? I should look for another purchase. Where are my soldiers, my army of supporters? Okay, I can do this. Off to the lingerie department. A $30 undergarment and I am set.

I proceed smugly to the gift card acquisition desk waving my banners – receipts totaling to $302. Under my other arm – a coveted sweater, about to be reduced in price by three $15 gift cards. I am a whiz at this!

I pass other enticements along the way. Man, they really want you to shop here today! I don't need you to wine and sweeten me, I'm doing well.

Chicago Nov 05 085
Bloomie's bribes

At the gift card desk I am slapped right across my knuckles. You’re short by $15. You can only get two gift cards. Wait, put away your calculator. $270 and $32 add up to $302, I know it for a fact! Your machine lies!

Before taxes. We add the amounts before taxes. You’re short $15.

It still pays for me to do this, right? I mean, there’s a bargain here, I must take advantage of it, I am so close! I should have taken the champagne. No soldiers, no booze, no idea what I am doing.

Okay. Black tights. I can always use a pair. But $11 each? Not enough! Oh, but two pairs are going for $17.50. Do I need two pairs? No. But heck, I am now just $4 short. Who cares about need when you have a bargain so close at hand.

I purchase the tights, get the cards and notice that my cell is ringing. Furiously. Where are you? Call my soldiers. We left you paying for the jacket, you said you were fine, that you’d meet us in five minutes.

Yes, but then there were gift cards and so I had to go back and purchase lingerie, two pairs of tights and a sweater. Such a deal though! You’ll be proud of me.

They weren’t proud of me.

I felt I needed time to recover. Another blogger pal was waiting for me at Evanston’s newest chocolate lounge. You need places like this to help cream over the rough spots. The selection was large, but hey, I knew what I wanted.

Chicago Nov 05 087
Ethel's goodies

Chicago Nov 05 092
Nina's choices

On my way home I stopped at Whole Foods to pick up wine for dinner. Ah. It is a trend. This day is about chocolate, champagne and shopping. This time I know to grab the freebies. Anything to smooth over the bumps.

Chicago Nov 05 095
Whole Foods bubbles and sweets


  1. ooh, yummy! thanks for the pics, they're wonderful :)

    and all i'm eating is leftovers today...

  2. Oh, you poor dear! The champagne probably would've helped in Bloomie's.

    I'm glad you got to indulge a little after the ordeal of shopping in a post-Thanksgiving department store.


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