Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hike to a bakery. I’m not using a car this semester. Bakery not on bus route. My students promised a costume or two in exchange for treats.

Street signs of a spooky night ahead.

001 copy

Purchase morning buns. They're a classic.

002 copy

Oh dear. Rain on the hike back toward campus. My own costume (I’m dressed to look like a law student) is getting wet. Still, it is the way of weather on this day: unpredictable.

I enter the class with a minute to spare.

And how can I not smile?

005 copy

004 copy

006 copy

007 copy

009 copy

014 copy

013 copy

011 copy

015 copy

016 copy

017 copy

On days like this, I want to teach this torts class forever. For years and years. Just in this way. Where we eat morning buns and think about the impact of law on the life of another.

But, the class ends.

The skies clear.

018 copy

And the roses bloom. It’s a tricky time of the year.



  1. Great costumes; they definitely deserved a treat!

  2. I have to wonder: is Gummby smiling or frowning underneath the mask?

  3. Love that Walter Dickey costume. He's even got the hand gesture down.

  4. What does a "law student" costume look like? Did anyone recognize it as a costume?

  5. In my mind, a law student looks a combination of youthful cool and student poor. An excuse for me to wear jeans and a funky shirt that my daughters would approve of. Indeed, when I came into the class and asked -- so whom am I dressed as? Someone shouted out: your daughter!

  6. wow - why wasn't my torts section this much fun on halloween?? (you must not have promised us treats...)


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