Sunday, December 30, 2007

from Chicago: walk

I started out early. On the El, taking it south, beyond the Art Institute. And from there, I turned around and walked back. Miles and miles of Chicago streets, until I was too spent to walk any more.

Here is a handful of photos, chronologically, from the walk, for Ocean:

011 copy

021 copy

022 copy

033 copy

048 copy

040 copy

045 copy

049 copy

061 copy

066 copy

067 copy

072 copy

080 copy

Good night.


  1. Love the shoes pic. Red shoes and sneakers. Mmmm.
    George H.

  2. A few years ago (well alot of years ago), my husband and I walked a similar path down many blocks in Chicago - in the winter alas. Cold.

    But it was fun. Now I'm gonna have to go dig up some pics of that trip. It was really quite fun.

  3. Thank you for a great photo essay. Simply wonderful.

    Each photo could inspire its own short story. The perfect way to bring a creative year to a close -- with photos that linger.

  4. I've always loved your photography, and I love Chicago in the winter - it seems so much more 'real,' and so much less touristy and Epcot Center-ish than New York.


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