Friday, October 17, 2014


Ed can't let go of his rooster, I can't let go of my writing project.

Here he is, taunting me with the (alleged) sweetness of Oreo (who is yet to be picked up by the chicken mama).


At the same time that he quietly places the scrappy sleeping bag by the door, so that I can exit the house without fear.

(Exiting the house -- how Fall-ish the pathway looks right now! Like a steamy jungle of yellowing flora...)


(...ah, Butter has spotted me; here she comes!)


Well, I understand. For him, it's Oreo. Me, I'm attached to my keyboard and my Word text.  so that after a lovely breakfast in the sun room, though without the sun (it was there when I started to set the table, I swear it was!)...


...and after a lovely walk in the park just up the road -- that same park that is our go to spot for cross country skiing...


...where the sun did come out, if fleetingly...







...after all that, I sit down and rewrite three separate paragraphs, even though I had already sent this thing off and should be putting my mind to the next project. I have lived with my text for so long (eight years), that it is forever drawing me in. Forcing me to reconsider sentence choices, vignette inclusions, on and on, until the day I die.

Well, maybe not that long.


  1. so I just wrote about the nuances of fall in Florida, but I do miss the glorious colors of the midwest....what a beautiful feast you have given me today....interspersed with flowing poetry. ox

    1. ...on the good days, there are the colors. On the lesser days, there's the cold!

  2. Ed and Oreo look so contented. I wish Oreo was not so territorial. I'm beginning to wonder how Ed is going to adjust to Oreo's leaving.

    I love that you posted pictures of the chickens. The one of Butter is adorable. There's mommy!

    Breakfasts always look so bright and healthy on the table. Do you grow your own berries? I think you mentioned weeding them? Are they 'work'?

    You live in a beautiful area surrounded by trees, trees, trees. Lovely.

    1. We grow many raspberries, but we're done for the year. Everything henceforth has to come from outside of Wisconsin. Except for spinach! Our farmers grow it under hoops year round. It's exquisite!

  3. Replies
    1. Three things to remember about Ed: 1. he loves animals, but... 2. he will always go for the low maintenance option 3. too, he grows fond of whatever is put under his nose. All this suggests that, unless I put a dog under his nose, he'll never choose to own one, because it's too high maintenance. Given that I travel so much, I wouldn't leave him with having to care for a dog. Cats actually are a good farmette animal. Our old Isie boy is just the cuddliest kittie ever. He gives lots of hugs and snuggles to both of us.

  4. Ed needs a dog! I second that remark! A dog! Yes... (but he's a cat person so maybe he just needs another cat?) No, a dog... my online friends raise chickens in Alabama and they got 2 guard dogs to guard the chickens, 2 beautiful and hardworking Great Pyrenees dogs (we used to have 2 of those as well) - they are so much fun!!!

    1. Bex, it's too high maintenance. Ed likes animals (and people) who do not place many demands on him! :)

  5. I am afraid that the loss of Oreo will be harder for Ed than we imagine. That bond comes across in pictures to be very strong indeed. I hope for the best for the three of you.


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