Friday, January 30, 2015


It's a messy day. What can I say. Ed has meetings, I have multi-store grocery shopping, the car is acting up, the cheepers still look stripped of their protective coats, messy, I tell you!

Breakfast is fine, even if includes Isie boy. (I want quality non-cat time!)


On my various drives around town, I begin to think about replacing the (reasonably) trusty 93 Ford Escort. Ed thinks this is nothing short of silly. Like him, I am not bothered by (and some would say even proud of) the appearance of this red piece of scrap metal. But unlike him, I begin to count the number of small things wrong with it and they add up to something that is just not that pleasant to drive anymore. And with Snowdrop visits, my driving time (at least in the winter) has greatly increased.

For now, I'm just thinking about what the next step should be, but it is a lonely process because Ed, who would be willing to work his knuckles raw to help me fix mechanical issues with the old car, is less happy to help me figure out how to find a replacement. Not surprising. He is still riding his '80 Honda motorcycle. We really do look like the couple who has been plucked straight out of Cuba with our antiquated and patched up mechanical vehicles.

The non messy part of the day is (predictably) the part spent with Snowdrop. She gave us her quiet self...



...and her playful self.



And then, of course, her tired self.


A perfect package.

Evening. I take the time to make a careful dinner. I actually follow a recipe, that's how thought out it is.

And we watch a movie. Ida. It's Polish. It's nominated for an Oscar. I kept correcting for Ed the translations. All my life I have listened to English movies translated to Polish and Polish translated to English and they are never perfect and I cannot understand why they falter in the way that they do. I suppose life is messy and one person's rendition of a mess isn't necessarily the same as that of someone else.


  1. what beautiful afternoons you have with snowdrop, and that late afternoon light is gorgeous.

  2. One of the funniest sentences I've read in a long time: We really do look like the couple who has been plucked straight out of Cuba...

    I'm actually quite impressed!

    The photos of Snowdrop are precious. I smiled when I spotted the strawberry bottom - so cute.

    Why are the Cheepers molting! It seems odd for this time of year - losing all protection.

    1. I don't get the two bare bottomed chickens! And we have an arctic blast coming this week!

      Yep, Ed's take on old engines is that it's wasteful to go for the new when you can fix the old. I'm still more dazzled by the newer, given my Cuba-like background, but if you pour cold water over my glazed and dazzled eyes, I can usually see the folly of wanting the new instead of making do with the old.

  3. Of course I love the Snowdrop pictures... she's great and so are you to post these! I understand entirely about the old car pride... we're the same with 1994 Ford and 2002 Volvo. Hope your Wisconsin roads are less salty than Upstate NY roads!

    1. No, that's the trouble: we have horrible salt issues. I really should be buying something from the south.

  4. You know it's time! Soon you'll have little Snowdrop in her carseat in the back. Why not buy yourself a little peace of mind. You don't want to be at the side of the road in -0 wind chills with the baby.

    Oh my gosh, I'm such a Gramma!

    We buy new Hondas and we drive them until their last gasp. That also is a point of pride with my husband, of frugal Scots stock. Our little Civic Hybrid, which I have so enjoyed, is only 10 years old and well maintained, but now she has all of her dashboard lights flashing. We shall see. Hard to beat 40+ mpg.

    I have a friend who trades in her car the FIRST time anything major goes wrong with it. She figured it's the beginning of the end and she's not putting money and worry into it. But then she doesn't have Ed.

    Enjoy another lovely Sniwdrop day today! I have two pups curled up with me now. Their Mommy and Daddy are off to Puerto Rico, happy with the thought that Cincinnati will go through the biggest storm of the year while they are on the beach.

    1. I was thinking the same thing - that you will need a more dependable *ride* for Snowdrop. :)

    2. That would be the obvious excuse to splurge, but it's really not entirely credible. I live 12 minutes away from little Snowdrop and even if I stalled somewhere, I am a nanosecond away from help. Too, it would be very rare for me to have her in my car. I can thump the Snowdrop card, but if I'm to be honest, it's really more about me not liking how every trivial thing in the old Ford is getting to be awfully scrappy and rickety. It goes from point A to point B, but it is a stark ride. (Though warm in winter and cool in summer, so I can't even complain about the heating/cooling systems.)

  5. I was thinking the same thing that JoyD was thinking... you may be with Snow and konk out somwhere... you need a reliable vehicle.

    I also have an old Honda (mine is a CRV - 1999) and so it's old... it was only 2 years old when I bought it and that was the newest vehicle I'd ever owned. But Podd is 16 years old now and he runs fine. Of course, he hardly ever goes anywhere, just to the food store each week (with Paul behind the wheel) to buy food.

    A "new" car is a good idea... I second the motion.

    1. But honestly -- a brand new car is a year's worth of travels for me. Would I give those up for the fleeting feeling of luxury? No I would not.

    2. Well, it's not fleeting, it's a pleasure every day...but I take your point, and selfishly too: I AM rather longing for travel photos.. :)

  6. Seven years ago I traded my old, beloved car for a brand new one. Beloved Car was 10 years old and had begun to have continuous things go wrong with it, and those repairs just added up over time. Also, at that time I was driving a hour to work each way in snow equal to your norms, Nina. So at that point I seriously needed something definitely reliable. But if Ed is good with repairs and the cost of the car would interfere deeply with your travels, then I can see where you wouldn't want to change things. If you don't have to, then don't do it.


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