Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I'm going to say I've seen better days. Okay worse ones too, but still!

Let me release the birds of complaint and then come back to all that felt right.

First of all (not in order of importance), the weather is really not nice. It rained hard all night long. The ground is frozen and so flooding is an issue for many. On the upside and I mean literally the upside, we are on the hill. There are plenty of puddles...

farmette life  (2 of 34).jpg

... more like small ponds, actually...

farmette life  (3 of 34).jpg

But the farmhouse is dry. Well, from the ground up. We have some troubling bubbles in the wall but so far, the house has not caved in on top of us in a heap of wetness.

And the chickens remain pleased, though they hate getting their ankles wet in the puddles.

farmette life  (1 of 34).jpg

Breakfast. Nice.

farmette life  (7 of 34).jpg

But the morning is a mixed bag. The rain keeps falling. People around us are sick with bugs and viruses. Spring seems distant. I want to wake up to sunshine and reports of returns to good health!

On the upside, we are just south of the freezing line. We're getting rain, not ice.

I pick up Snowdrop. She is hoping for puddle time. She is dressed for the worst weather!

farmette life  (11 of 34).jpg

But one splash in the farmette waters and she knows this is not going to be fun. It's slippery and cold. Inside we go.

Grandma, I need to dry my clothes on the vent and change into pajamas.
Are your clothes wet?
Um, they need to go on the vent to warm up.

farmette life  (13 of 34).jpg

farmette life  (18 of 34).jpg

She throws a pile of clothing on the warm furnace air and settles into an afternoon of play in her pajamas.

Oh, and her flower "crown."

farmette life  (25 of 34).jpg

It's all about babies today. I'm thinking I've earned many points toward sainthood by acting as one of her charges all afternoon long. She is a bossy mommy!

I'm the mommy, grandma. Ask me why the macaron is blue!
Why is this (toy) macaron blue?
Because i made it with blueberry frosting!

We continue thus.

Play ball!

farmette life  (29 of 34).jpg


farmette life  (30 of 34).jpg

Eat ice cream.

farmette life  (7 of 22).jpg

Settle a crying baby.

farmette life  (22 of 22).jpg

Tumble and roll.

farmette life  (33 of 34).jpg

In the evening, the rains stop, the temperatures drop. Precipitously. 

I am so looking forward to March! On the upside, that month comes to us next week!

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