Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Wednesday in Chicago

We are creatures of custom and routine. Even Ed, who would scoff at the idea that repetition ties him down, still does succumb to the inevitable tug of habit. Why else bike all summer long on Wednesday evenings? He no longer keeps up with the younger generation of bikers who take new and complicated routes then. He follows his own two hour ride. But always on Wednesday eve.

In my Robey room, I do like to begin my day with a glance outside. Today I even got up to photograph that eastern stretch of lake shore architecture just as the sun was rising. It's such a pretty scene!


My walk to Primrose's home reminded me once again that we are in the thick of summer weather here. It's getting warmer again. I feel it. (I love looking at the cheerful signs, placards and paintings on the windows and walls. I know most are ads, but they're happy ads!)


This last set of streets before I turn into Primrose's block is especially green and especially beautiful, especially now.


Primrose has a checkup later this morning and so we're working with a different schedule today. She is napping earlier. Well then, time for me to get to the serious business of eating breakfast.


And just as I finish, the little girl wakes up. With smile upon smile!


"Are we going adventuring again?" Later, Primrose, later.


(Ready and waiting)


However the schedule works itself out, there's always time for play!

Primrose, are you learning to drive a car? You might not need a drivers license by the time you grow up...


She comes back from her appointment healthy as a button (somewhere in these hours a clothing change is needed)...


Want to go adventuring?? 

 (Just look at those eyes sparkle!)


It's hot today. We go to the local park and look for a shady spot. Now is the time to take in trees, the textured leaves, and all that green stuff that is so part of my everyday vocabulary back at the farmette.


Neighborhood parks are not really garden material, but they have their own unique loveliness. They are where you go when dinner is not quite ready and everyone has too much pent up antsyness. It's where you can run, kick a ball, or spread a blanket.

Now is the time for a selfie (on a timed release)!


Home again. I look in the toy box and find this doll. A mermaid doll. Primrose likes it. She's soft and easy to chew. Would it be fair to call this her first doll?


One by one, parents come in. She is always so delighted to see them! (She shows off her new BFF -- Sophie the oh so chewable giraffe.)


It was a great day for the little one. She truly grew and adjusted to the new configuration of habits, introduced by new people, asking of her new things. She is one well adjusted little girl!

So what's missing on this day of summer giggles and smiles, of park walks and recreation -- Chicago style, of strong little legs and big eyes of wonderment at the sight of maple and ivy?

Well, my other grandkids of course. And, too, my older daughter, who is lucky enough to have a summer birthday and so always manages to have a chunk of family around her for it. But not this year. As she turns 37 today, she has of course her own little guys, and partner in life, and very importantly -- friends. Still, I miss giving her a big hug on this day, so that I can wish her all the good things that I wish every single day for both my daughters and their families.

Love is a powerful tug. I hear it and see it everywhere I go and especially when I travel. At airports and train stations, at every crossing and intersection, on the El train, on the Chicago bound bus -- people returning to be close to their loved ones. And I am one of them -- riding back and forth, connecting these two cities in my mind into one whole slice of family and home.

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