Thursday, March 01, 2007

from D.C.

Such a hard week. No matter. Need to look forward. Need to board a plane and wake up and think: wow! I am elsewhere. And it is a nice, warm (ish) elsewhere.

Photos and text in the days ahead? You would think so.
Be as patient with me as I am with the Internet providers. We have our weak moments. All of us.


The night rolls in, the air is balmy, wet. Rain comes in spurts. The head spins from the rapid pace of the week. I sit down (collapse?) in a warm place where the martinis are funky and the food is good...

march 07 011

...and then I retire. No, no functional Internet, but the bed is great, the surroundings are bold, colorful and in the morning, the shower is strong and a leopard bathrobe is hanging, waiting for me.

march 07 001