Friday, September 05, 2008

another perspective

Being born to a very political family (professionally and in their degree of expressiveness) inoculated me against an excessive verbal engagement in the political process. In fact, mostly, I like to stay silent. Arguing is so exhausting! It leaves me feeling depleted.

But, I do like to listen to others occasionally – both those on “my side” of the issues as well as those offering another perspective. And occasionally, when provoked, I will rattle off my latest reasons for feeling incredulous at the way constituents and political leaders shuffle around and arrange themselves prior to a major election.

And we are before a major election.

But mostly, I stay quiet.

Today, I biked to work using a different combination of paths and roads. Up Observatory Drive and down Bascom Hill, approaching the Law School from the Hall, over where Lincoln sits. It offers another perspective on the Mall and the green spaces where students bring their books, their laptops and their feelings of affection for one another.

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