Tuesday, April 20, 2010

balancing act

As the last days of the semester trickle away, I think my balancing skills are ebbing. I wake up at night and worry about what to make for dinner that day. And when to shop for the needed groceries. And what to do with my class during the time reserved for a special presentation. By a speaker who cannot come because she is stranded in England.

I need down time.

Of course, I understand that others face greater pressures and challenges. Though I’ve biked home precariously, with one grocery bag in hand, I’ve never tried pedaling and balancing two trays of food, for example.


Still, I’m ready for a pause. I knew that when I reached for my bus pass (no time this morning to bike to work) and then remembered that I left it at home.

I walked, and I enjoyed the delicate late day sunlight, the sound of a pecking bird.



But I worried about minutes lost. Absurd, isn’t it?

Ah, for a dejeuner sur l’herbe ... or a modern version of it...


...or at least a restful moment. Maybe with a straw hat and a good book. One without any reference to any case law.