Saturday, September 14, 2013

the lake

It is an annual event: the sunset boat cruise on Lake Mendota along with Ed's Tormach pals. When the trip is placed on the calendar, you can't predict the weather. There have been years of rain, years of clouds, years of hot air. Not any of those tonight: the day is cool -- topping at just sixty-five (the porch stands empty -- I work indoors)..

DSC00544 - Version 2

 ...the evening even cooler. I bring a scarf.

But the boat ride is, therefore, spectacular: a clear night -- the kind you get sometimes in the middle of winter -- electric and crisp -- with every detail (and every person who is still enjoying a water sport) for you to admire.

DSC00551 - Version 2

We eat, we drink, we talk and some of us record the slow shift of light -- from the glare of the late afternoon, to the last dip of the sun...

 DSC00554 - Version 2 the shine of the moon on the lake waters.


The evening made up for an extraordinarily tough day (though the upside of the tough day is that, with the help of Ed, I make some good decisions -- more on that later in the month).

And now it is morning and the sun continues to work its magic.  Breakfast in the sun room -- for its warmth, for its cheer.

DSC00569 - Version 2

DSC00564 - Version 2

Good Saturday morning, all!