Friday, April 12, 2013

spring, continued

Every morning we hear him banging downstairs. Against one window, then the next. Steadily, rhythmically. Bang!

DSC01619 - Version 2

What is the matter with you, bird? Do you want attention? Doesn't it hurt? Is it a lesson you refuse to learn?


Bird, if you're protesting the absence of spring, get in line -- there are others before you.

Days that should have been outdoor days continue to be too cold, too wet, too early March like. And maybe that's a good thing: I need indoor time. Once events spun out of my grasp during spring break, I never had a chance to set things straight again. I'm still notifying entities about my father's death. Talking to police officers about identity theft (it's what needs to be done, even as it helps me or anyone else not at all).

Breakfast is late... Ed's sleeping long hours to get back on his feet and frankly, so am I. I feel like the adolescent who regards morning wake up time to be only a suggestion.

DSC01626 - Version 2

Still, I can't help but think that things would be further along and more pleasantly so, if only we would have before us a nice spell of sunshine.

DSC01629 - Version 2

 Sometimes I cannot believe that the ice has melted and the grass is turning green. Don't you need sun for spring to fully take hold?

Driving home, I pass my very favorite corner of forest and field. I pause because so often if you look hard here, you'll spot a bit of wild life. Sure enough, a deer moves quietly in between the woodsy limbs and branches. Had I not stopped, I wouldn't have spotted her. Everything remains lost in shades of gray. There is a beautiful canvas before me, but it is completely without color.

DSC01636 - Version 2

So, we wait for the sun (and we will continue to wait: in the next ten days, if you are to believe, there is not a single day of sunshine before us), for the true colors of spring.

Even as slowly, things move forward. Change comes for any number of reasons. The days are long, the snows have melted. Despite our feeling that spring is cheating us, you need only count the buds outside to know that seasons do not really wait. I expect to wake up any day now and be chasing off mosquitoes and fireflies.

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  1. I love your vase with the blue flowers and tulips inside it.

    Are you planning to revisit Poland re: your Dad's passing?

    Weather here on the right hand coast is terrible, as well. Nasty stuff.


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