Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I spend a lot of time in airports.

However, all those flights do add up to a lounge privileges and I have to admit, I find these rooms to be comforting places -- a sweet imitation of home.

You can settle in, create your own little nest. In your spot, you can leave your bags, walk away unencumbered, you can eat, drink and, as demonstrated this morning at the Paris CDG lounge – take a nice hot shower when your connecting flight to London gets inexplicably cancelled and the next one isn’t for hours.

Some might sigh in exasperation and say -- ah travel. London hours lost, Paris airport hours gained, in abundance. But I don’t really mind. I’m listening to French, munching on a croissant and drinking good coffee. A virtual trip to France, thrown in. And eventually, there will be a London. I think.

UPDATE: here at last, as you can tell from this solitary photo, taken seconds ago from my tiny corner hotel room.

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