Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Who in your life does not elicit a surge of charitable feeling? (In your life. Not at large, out there. There are plenty of people out there who do terrible deeds that are, in my mind indefensible.)

Over time, I even thought that the boy I had a crush on throughout highschool was pretty tame in his mishandling of my affection. After all, what does a teen age boy know about the strength and devotion of a somewhat younger teen age girl passionately in love with him? (Or so she thought then.) Surely there's room for missteps.

Still, I think we are not a generous species. An ant tramples over another ant and they wink at each other and march on in perfect formation. Oops, sorry! No, not even that. Ants don't speak.

People? My God. First misstep and they're semi okay with it. Second? Well... Third? Forget you. Unforgivable. Even if you can demonstrate that the misstep was really the result of your having plugged the wrong information into mapquest. I made a mistake! Kill me for it!

Okay. Poof!

Something to mull over on yet another Tuesday where I cannot deliver much of anything specific here on Ocean. Too much work, too much worry.

For today: a photo shot from my evening walk to the local election polling place. There's a lot to be said for that walk. It didn't accomplish much, substantively speaking. Results are coming in and it looks as if my candidate isn't doing too well... But the weather was gorgeous! 7 pm and still light outside. Sun dappled trees. If you forget about all evil thoughts you harbor about anyone(or, if you have none), you can indeed call it a perfect moment. So for me, it was a perfect moment.

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