Tuesday, September 02, 2008


The hottest day. Like a school kid, I load up my brand new back pack (large, very large) with laptop, texts, papers and I hop on the bike.

I am drenched by the time I reach the Law School. No time to fret. Copy the syllabi, proceed to class. And after, I sit in my office for a few minutes, as is my habit after class, recovering.

And I admire the shades of green outside.

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A break between classes. I pedal to the coffee shop off of Lakeside Street. Oh, what’s this? People actually swim in our lakes? No kidding!

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Others prefer to just watch.

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Not me, not today. I dig out my laptop and plunge. Not into the lake, but into work. Another class, then, back on my bike and a hot, sunset ride home. There, I collapse.