Wednesday, November 26, 2008

in the air

Families. One thing I can say for certain – there are lots of them. And they’re traveling today. My flight to DC was full and I think half the passengers were under the age of five.

It was wonderful.

On the metro into town, all I could take note of was the affection, the laughter, the comfort level between people who knew each other from the core. Take a photo of me – shouts one teen boy to his sister. It’s my first metro ride! Further down, a dad is pulling the cap over his daughter’s eyes affectionately.

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Families. Children. Lovers. Friends. In DC, for this week-end.

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From a rooftop, I see the monuments and, close to the White House -- the inaugural stage, under construction. Can I say this? It feels different in DC this time around. Out on the street, in grocery stores, at metro stops – it feels different.

Maybe it’s just me.