Thursday, January 01, 2009

the first page

Sweet, lovely day, you New Year day, you. Unscathed, not marred by anything. Pure and simple. Requiring nothing from you. Not even quarters in the parking meter (I realized this after I dumped a bagful; ah well – happy New Year, city of Evanston!).

We tried to imagine a perfect meal for the morning after New Year’s Eve. [How was dinner last night? A blur of heaven. We rode in a cab at breakneck speed…

032 copy

.. and settled in for an evening of eating. As anticipated. Superb.]

So what do you want for breakfast after a big night out? Someone threw out the idea that we should do as Olivia Dukakis did in Moonstruck.

054 copy
eggs in bread baskets

There you have it. The morning after. And now the year begins.