Friday, February 06, 2009

rushing the season

Well, a commenter last week predicted it right: we hit 40 in Madison and, consequently, the kids put on the shorts. You think I exaggerate? Outside my office window today, I see this:

002 copy

I have to admit though: to the average bloke like me, forty is acceptable. You can walk and think if it’s forty outside. Your thoughts will not be disturbed.

And so I walked. All the way from the Law School, along Observatory Drive…

003 copy

… down to the lake path, not very bike friendly now, but still, lovely and rather warm(ish). The hearty types (the ducks) were dipping in and out of water pools like crazy. The blackbirds? Not so much. Cowards, like me.

009 copy

On I walked, all the way home.

I look forward to when these toasty days (it's all relative after all) become the norm. Just a few more months. How satisfying to see winter losing its grip!