Thursday, March 18, 2010

still biking

And in one fell swoosh, the ice broke into jagged slates and sank into the lake’s depth.

That’s what I thought would happen. And each morning, I expect to see an expanse of blue water, and each morning, I see ice slowly recede, but not totally, Not just yet.

Spring break will come late this year. And for me, that’s a good thing. I wake up and I work. And it will be thus for the week ahead, until we all break for the break.

But, even as I bike furiously to work (I had a late start today), I allow myself a pause. Just for a minute, to admire those who are now swimming (they couldn’t have just a few days earlier).


And on the way home, again, I admire those who are swimming.



It's  quite lovely. Swimming, flying, all of it.


How wonderful that for a brief moment this last week, I could pretend that the season has shifted and I could now forevermore bike to work.

In the alternative, I would be stuck in my office, feeling envious of those who were outside. Me, watching the blue shirt against a blue sky and a blue window -- feeling blue all the while.


No. I watched ducks duck and geese fly and muskrats glide. Wisconsin is a good pace to be. When you have a bike. And spring runs ahead of itself. Fleetingly.