Friday, November 05, 2010

even earlier

One way to lengthen a day that doesn’t have enough hours in it is to get up even earlier. To set your appointments for before light takes hold. And indeed, to be done with them before the sun fully swings over the horizon.

This is my Friday.

The good thing is that I have, with my early gallivanting, a chance to see the world (or at least Madison) in the shriek of early morning color.


Gorgeous stuff. So, no lake shore bike path photos for you today. And in fact, it is a good thing that I put away my camera during the actual ride to campus. The wind was brutal then!

...While in the earliest hours I barely noticed it. Wind? What wind? Shhh, sit back and be quiet, and watch the stroll of the wild turkeys. They know how to take in the best light of the day.



Almost as good as watching the robins bounce around the crab apples at sunset at Ed’s place. Almost.