Wednesday, August 24, 2011

preserving summer

Could it get more homey than this? I tell Ed I’ll address the peach problem today. The thing is, we have a peach tree and it bends so much that you cannot walk the path to Ed’s sheepshed. The branches stand in the way. They're loaded with ripening peaches. Curious fruits, these peaches are. Small. The size of apricots.


And you have to pick them at the perfect moment. Too early and they’re hard. Too late and they’re cottony and dry. And chewed over by beetles. But when you hit their fine hour, you have yourself a lovely batch of peaches.


So I pick the ripe ones and peel and pit them and put them on a tray for freezing purposes. And so the freezer bounty grows. Raspberries, rhubarb, tomatoes, peaches. All from the garden.


Remind me to use them come winter. I tend to forget.

In the evening, my daughter comes...

DSC08516 daughter goes. Ed bikes with Wednesday Night bike riders. The night light sets in. I’m so glad I’m done with peach preservation.We can move on to Fall. Reluctant, but ready.