Friday, November 02, 2012

back to normal

I don't know about you, but my 'normal' varies. A summer normal is not a spring normal is not an autumn normal is not a December - January normal. And no normal bears any resemblance to my October normal. So maybe it's wrong to think of myself as being back in the fold of routines, since I don't seem to have any that I stay with through the year. And yet, it sure feels like today was rather normal. For a Friday, that is.

It meant that I had time for a morning yoga class (it had been weeks, and it felt like it had been weeks), this time with a friend, which makes it nicer, even though I had to dash immediately to campus afterwards.

It meant that I had a long string of student appointments, followed by a faculty meeting, followed by catch up desk work, followed by grocery shopping for the week. All typical Friday stuff.

But here's the joy of joys: I come back home and there is nothing that I have to do before tomorrow. I can read a book, take a walk, cook dinner, take a nap (though the bed is already amply occupied by two other nappers.  So long as we're into photographing sleeping guys, let me sneak up on the two upstairs... Typical sight. In bed, jacket on, computer on chest, cat wanders over to the window).

DSC00871 - Version 2

Outside, it's a little hazy, a little gray, a little cold. The truck farmers to our east have fire going. I'm not sure if it's there to burn stuff or if it's there to keep warm in these last hours of farm work.

DSC00873 - Version 2

 It surely looks like they have the fields ready for the planting season.

DSC00875 - Version 2

Closer to the farmhouse, I come across a surprising display of resiliance. A day lily that will not give up the ship. Straining to bloom in November.

DSC00878 - Version 2

I make chicken soup for supper. Lot's of chicken. And Farmer Lee's carrots. Which take a lot of scrubbing, but hey, what are brushes for, if not this.

We eat and track the news.

DSC00881 - Version 2

...Until we each are more asleep than awake, or at least I feel that this is so.