Monday, February 17, 2014


It's not unreasonable that it should snow. It still is the middle of February. I know -- it seems I've been saying this again and again and surely it cannot be the middle of a month for more than a short while. It's just that February, for all its brevity, always seems like it's rather long.

In fact, like the lighter, longer winter days of this month, I find those with snowfalls to be still rather enchanting.

What's there not to love?

farmette winter-11.jpg

True, this was billed as a winter storm, with all the usual warnings. Don't go out if you don't have to to. Stay in. Keep warm. Well now, staying in wasn't an option for Ed: another one of those rabies shots had him out and driving just as the wind and snow were swirling madly from all directions.

So I waited with breakfast, like the woman who sends her man to battle, only the battle is with the elements and I wasn't fully worried, just a little bit so, due to the ridiculousness of the mostly rusted vehicle he drives these days.

And he came back...

farmette winter-3.jpg

...and brought back supper with him (quiche from La Baguette) and it felt rather special that we should be now housebound with food ready for the asking. As if we'd been granted a gift of a simple day at the farmhouse -- to put to good use if we so chose (I did! much progress on my writing!), to coddle, to play with, to use in our own unique ways. (For Ed, this included watching a history piece on a Russian submarine. The man has predictable tastes in movies and videos.)

And the wind howled and the snow fell and the trees swayed in all directions.

farmette winter-8.jpg