Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014, so far

It's almost amusing how this year has stumbled along: three weeks at the farmette, then three weeks overseas. Then three weeks at the farmette, followed by three weeks overseas. It wasn't intentional. Circumstances conspired to compact my travels in this way.

But now I'm ready to go home. I want my farmette life back again.

In keeping with the tradition of travel, I'll wrap my last day abroad into the travel day and come up with a story for you tomorrow. I leave at 4 in the morning and and I do not have time to post more than this brief note. With three teaser photos from today. The rest will come tomorrow.

I am so eager to watch spring arrive at home. Soon. So soon.

(the Kampinos forest outside Warsaw)

(ocean author at funky Warsaw cafe-bar)

(you know what this is; with a huge ad for something or other to the side)