Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thursday in photos

Friends stopped by just as we were sitting down to breakfast. It's a good way to start the day: with people.

farmette life-2.jpg

But I have a long list for today and so I bow out quickl after I polish off my oatmeal. It's my day for buying things the old fashioned way: by going to actual stores.

The morning is too short.  I'm thinking -- maybe I could entice Snowdrop to go with me after school to the mall? How's that for an odd idea!

We go. She's excited! And in a way, so am I. The skies are gray, there's occasional drizzle. At the mall, she can...

... pretend to be a penguin!

farmette life-8.jpg

...Pull the stroller into the toy store!

farmette life-9.jpg

At midday, the mall is actually rather empty and not unpleasant for an energetic child who hadn't enough outdoor time today.

farmette life-14.jpg

There is a play area -- she rides a pig!

farmette life-16.jpg

... She rides a train!

farmette life-27.jpg

True, when I steer her toward Pottery Barn, where I look for decent coasters, she finds her way to the exit quickly enough.

farmette life-31.jpg

But overall, shockingly, I find this sidestep into commerce a success.

As a reward, we go to La Baguette -- a bakery cafe just across the street from the mall.

Snowdrop loves, truly loves the sprinkling of Eiffel Towers throughout the store! Like Waldo, only better.

farmette life-35.jpg

Croissant! Oh, beloved croissant!

farmette life-41.jpg

And now we're home and ahah joins us and we have a wonderful set of minutes at play.

farmette life-45.jpg

In the evening, Snowdrop studies a book...

farmette life-3.jpg

... and then I notice that she is contorting her body this way and that. Are you doing yoga? -- I ask her.

farmette life-5.jpg

It appears that this is so.

Go on, Snowdrop!

farmette life-7-2.jpg

I'll leave you with that: a joyous Snowdrop, doing (perhaps?) sun salutations. No better way to end a day, is there...