Sunday, September 18, 2005

NYC, what is it about you?

Oh, the food, always the food!

For instance, skate in vanilla sauce, over seared greens at the Porcupine:

NYC Sep 05 108

…followed by a pastry selection. This is not easy. Too many choices along Bleecker Street.
NYC Sep 05 119

NYC Sep 05 120

This will take care of the chocolate urge:
NYC Sep 05 123

The skies clear, it’s Sunday, park day. So many little tykes, especially in and around the Zoo. Their food choices steer toward drippy, creamy cones and bars.
NYC Sep 05 141

Still others take to the boats, looking for calm waters and quiet moments.
NYC Sep 05 128

Outside the park, at the Museum of Natural History, an exhibit celebrating my blog:
NYC Sep 05 143

Oh fine. I admit it. I visit Zabar’s with the same enthusiasm that others reserve for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Just the blue cheeses alone fill a photo.
NYC Sep 05 152

I wanted to zoom in on the varieties of smoked salmon, but they insisted that the photo was about them.
NYC Sep 05 154

More food thoughts: two randomly selected judges sample bagels from the “best bagel store in the world.” Great stuff. No complaints.
NYC Sep 05 160

NYC Sep 05 161

Ending the afternoon with a slice of the real thing: thin crust, New York pizza.
NYC Sep 05 164

I am on the train now, heading for New Haven for a dinner with daughters. Sunday meals should never be eaten alone.