Wednesday, January 04, 2006

toil and trouble

Upon learning of the Recent Great Changes:

Where exactly did you move to?
A loft. Downtown. It is exactly what I need: a large open space where the kitchen opens to the dining area, which in turn opens to the living area – all merging into an organic whole, ideal for a person who wants to cook for others and have them be present there, socially integrated into the process of putting food on the table…

Wow. So how long have you lived there?
Four months now.

And you’ve had bunches of people, eating together at the loft, enjoying each others' company, merging into an organic whole… wow.
More like an organic hole: there hasn’t been much of that actually. One housewarming dinner thing back in early October.

But you’ve cooked for your family and the occasional person that stops by?
Oh sure, that occasional person has had soups and stuff… Organic, but in the agricultural sense…

And family? Surely your motherly nin-clinations have led you to outdo yourself?
Indeed: I was glued to the kitchen space for Christmas Eve, Christmas breakfast, Christmas lunch, Christmas dinner. The buck, or rather the stove, stopped there. It did not help that we all decided clothes were getting tight.

So now, you still have daughters starved for their favorite mommy-meals, drifting in and out of the loft… are you cooking?
Well, no. You're asking why?
(pause for profound thought…) I want to support the local chefs, that’s it! They’re having a rough go of it, what with people getting their credit card bills after the holidays, students being gone. I’m doing this for charitable reasons.

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