Friday, March 03, 2006

let’s do something

...Most frequently uttered words by grown daughter(s) who come to visit (they live on the east coast) and hang out in this town, in times when few of their old friends still remain.

The problem is that doing something in March means keeping indoors. I suggested snowboarding, but it didn’t go over well. Madison is tough for a host humoring someone from out of town.

Okay so let’s do lunch and then a brief spell at Borders, a cup of tea maybe, followed by a drive, then a trip to Whole Foods, then munch delicacies at home, then Wasabi sushi, then let’s top it off with… No, stop right there. Wasabi will fill me up and out.

[Understand: I will need twelve hours to recover from the full day.]

We sit at the bar at Wasabi and watch the skilled guys do their thing. A waitress takes our picture, I take another of the food. For me, true Madisonian (of the “it’s been a long day” type) that I am, this is a mouthful, an eveningful, a postful. Tomorrow night I’ll push the clock. Today, I eat the rolls and roll back home.

Madison Mar 06 035

Madison Mar 06 036