Wednesday, August 30, 2006

from New Haven: faces

If I could draw a cartoon of myself today it would be of a person drooping under the weight of a heavy load. Yes, I collected a few bloggable moments while flinging loads of trash into the dumpster by the curb, but now my arms are too tired to pound out the words.

I do think that New Haven has character. Too often, its many faces are overshadowed by the massive numbers of students that show up right around now. Still, they are there: the goths, the lovers, the moms with babes, the older people, eating their ice cream, smoking their cigarettes, or, just watching the world go by.

This post is for them.

summer 06 880
with smoke

summer 06 882
with book

summer 06 885
with love

summer 06 887
with child

summer 06 893
with gelato

summer 06 894
with flag