Friday, December 01, 2006

snow story

Hey friend, I know you’re coming up from Chicago tomorrow (Friday), but did you know there is a snowstorm in the forecast?
No, really?
…So you should make contingency plans. You have a 3 pm meeting? Take the bus if it’s snowing in the morning.
I hate the bus.
The bus is cool. Take the bus.

Next morning:
So what’s up?
It’s a blizzard here in Chicago! But I can’t get a cab to get me to the bus!

It took close to two hours to get to the bus stop! I almost did not make it. Nothing’s moving!
You’re okay now. Those buses move on air.

I am stuck in a snow drift in Rockford. Those buses move on air right into snow piles.
Oh damn. Only Rockford? You are so late…
Tell me about it!
Do not worry. If they dig you out in the next hour, you’ll make it.

They dug the bus out, we are on our way!

The bus is stuck in another drift! Still in Rockford!
Well now… I don’t know what to say…

We are on our way!
(tentatively) Yay!

The driver had to do a detour because of a pile up on the Interstate.
Be glad it was not your pile up… good luck…

I’m in Janesville!
No, not really. The replacement bus driver hasn’t shown up. We’re just sitting here.

Six hours later:
We are almost there!

Meanwhile, here in Madison, it is cold as hell, but people get by. We always get by. It is in our nature.

december 06 006
plowed and ready for all sorts of moving vehicles

december 06 007
..lovely day to be caught in the snow...

december 06 008
Madison snow removal priority: bike paths.

december 06 009
sometimes walking it is preferable

december 06 011
meticulously, in front of downtown condos