Tuesday, March 20, 2007

…last day of winter and what do I have to show for it?

Would you accept asparagus for dinner and an overhang of tulips? At the most basic level, that is indeed the entirety of my celebrating the end of the cold season.

march 07 130

But, give a broader meaning to the word spring and suddenly, so much more may be acknowledged as rightfully being spring-like, belonging to a day that shuts the door on the cold and frozen and looks forward to the warm and malleable.

Condo deal finalized. Today I got myself a deal. Yes, yes, I know. I cannot hope to sell it soon given Madison’s condo market. I am ahead of you here. I have it all figured out. I can’t afford to sell it ever. I run one step in front. I know myself, I know my world, I cannot afford to do any of the things that I do on a regular basis. I make my decisions based on other criteria.

And yes, I did once write, here on Ocean, that I do not intend to ever own anything ever again, ever. But the fact is that I do not own the condo, the bank does, 100%. So there. And if per chance the bank relinquishes ownership in some small amount every year for the next 30 or so, why, who am I to protest.

And another thing, oh you nay sayers. I am aware of Tracey Kidder’s book, House. I read it. I also have experience with construction crews. So I know what I am in for in taking on the project of designing and building the interior of a living space. Today’s conversations with the builder would have demonstrated this well:
I say: I thought I asked for additional insulation against potential neighbor noise.
Builder says: we have absolutely no complaints that there is transmission of noise between units.
I say: it is difficult to imagine how you could have reports of neighbor noise when the building is 75% unoccupied.
Builder says: Did you read the line about sound insulation?
I say: whatever you put in there for others is not enough for me. We made a deal. Whatever is standard, I want more of it. You gave everyone two inches? – I want four.
Builder thinks: I’ll write something fuzzy into the contract and she’ll be satisfied.
I think: he’ll write something fuzzy into the contract, but I’ll be satisfied.

Happy spring to all. Spring of flowers and asparagus and of leaping forward, in spite of it all.