Monday, April 16, 2007

the buzz

If the most important thing in your life is the making of honey and you live in Wisconsin, then you were in luck today. The opportunities began to present themselves and the weather was on your side.


For me, the buzz reverberated to other sectors, including to that of technology as I discovered the very real availability of the cell modem. Imagine: an Internet connections in all places where a cell phone can pick up a signal! Even in Europe! And, sit down for this one -- in France! So that I need no longer check into small b&b’s and ask if the owners perhaps have heard of le Internet, and if so, would they like to share? Imagine!


But perhaps the biggest buzz came as I finally placed my signature onto 589 pages attesting to the fact that I agree to the terms of condo ownership. The best part of the closing transaction? Arguably, finding out that within half a block of the condo, a cafĂ© is to open. And its hours are to be set at: 6a.m. ‘til midnight.

In my town, this is exciting news.