Monday, September 03, 2007


So who asked the mosquitoes to come to this party? And don’t they believe in reproductive restraint? Unbelievable.

I wanted to photograph a dragon fly snacking on a mosquito, but restrained myself admirably at the last minute. Not for humanitarian reasons – I was simply unwilling to get devoured for the sake of a good Ocean photo.

It’s been a week-end of work. Surely you can tell. Culminating in a labor day full of...labor. And, consequently, light postings. Ocean Lite -- easy on the brain, not entirely satisfying on the palate. Ah well...

Because it is Labor Day, my moment of rapture and joy (sitting at Ancora and going over the pages of my unnovel) could not be. Ancora was closed. Still, when biking in search of a small nonfat cappuccino with a double shot of the strong stuff, I came across this: a sudden and fleeting view of corn stalks, late summer greens and the Capitol dome. Fitting for a Labor Day post from Wisconsin.

001 capitol, copy

[It’s September 3rd. Thirty years ago today, I leapt into an act of adulthood. That I survived is remarkable and not entirely of my own doing. How could I not say -- thank you. ILYAFA. ]