Wednesday, April 02, 2008

it’s time

I’m thinking – let’s not get soft here. Time to ditch the bus and start biking to work. My bicycle is refreshed, ready.

I bundle up. I understand my limitations. Wind blows and I get cold.

I set out. I am so bundled that I can hardly turn to spot the traffic. Still, I zip through Shorewood, across the field and onto the lake path. Ah, the lake path. So romantic.

004 copy

006 copy

007 copy

So muddy.

I am covered with dreadful yellow grit. My bike has a case of yellow speckled fever. It’s all rather disgusting. The handbrakes sound grimy and unpleasant.

I’m not complaining really. I am hot from the four mile ride. But it’s a splendid ride. Good bye buses. See you next November.

(On the way home, I avoid the lake path. To be rewarded with this..

010 copy

…and this…)

013 copy