Monday, May 05, 2008


Ed has an entirely new idea about windows for The Writer’s Shed.

I read about these flexible magnet screens. Let’s get cheap windows (with very bad screen attachments – allowing beautiful entry opportunities for any number of insects) and add to them flexible magnet screens.
Okay, tell me. What have you discovered on the Net? (Ed on the Net is a loose cannon.)
In New Zealand, one company is making these flexible magnet screens. They sound absolutely perfect.
And so?

And so nothing. I sent them an email and it bounced back.

You would think this would cause Ed to think twice about the viability of this option, this company, this continent. (New Zealand??) You would think wrong.

Later, in the evening, at my condo:
Do you have that cheap longdistance dialing plan on your phone?
Let me call New Zealand.

Ed calls New Zealand.

It tells me that circuits are busy.
Try again.
It tells me the number is wrong.

Let me try. (If there is anything that I’m good at it’s calling distant lands.)
I get a connection. I hand it to Ed.

Hello, I’m interested in your magnetic screens…

The conversation proceeds favorably. Ed is tickled. He’s asking for pricing. Things are looking good.

Tell them we’re thinking of moving to New Zealand (not Ed nor I are thinking of moving there, independently or together, but it is a phrase we use when things are not favorable in our own back yards).

By the way? Just so you know, Americans love New Zealand. We all want to go there!
We’ll be happy to have you come.

Yes, but in the meanwhile, I have to write exam questions. Besides, it’s just turning cold New Zealand. Who needs that. We’re enjoying the burst of bloom here.

003 copy

Ribbit, ribbit.
Oh, who are you?

Just a frog in Ed’s old truck, wondering how I can get the hell out of here. Humans have such uninspired conversations. All about dollars and cents. Ribbit.

007 copy

In the background, a student-recommended song fills my acoustical spaces. I’m not a perfect person…

Really, I don’t mention the downfalls of this day because so much of it was so blasted good!