Thursday, September 18, 2008


Warm, but nippy if you go out at the edges of the day.

I biked to work at a leisurely pace (my first class is a late morning thing, my last class is an early evening one) and I looked yet again at September. You can see it – no other month looks like this:

001 copy
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On the Hill, a student still wanted to call it summer. She looked at her cell messages, put the phone down, looked at her bright pink toenails, and then looked at nothing at all, not even the the Capitol at the other end of State Street.

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Students don’t believe in September. They seem to go from summer to late October. Everything in between is… still summer. Stretch out on the green, throw a Frisbee, take your laptop outside.

Transition months are more for people like me who need time to adjust, so it’s not shorts to snowshoes. Though maybe tomorrow I’ll try that stretch out on the grass thing. When no one's watching.