Monday, November 10, 2008

outdoor breaks

The reason people endure winter here as well as they do is because many cold days are bright days. Give me a cold day in Madison over a cold day in Warsaw anytime. In Poland, drizzle freezes as it hits your face, seemingly all December long. Here, not too infrequently, the sun comes out.

Today, it was cold and bright.

I didn’t do much that would warrant photographic invasion. Monday is almost always a heavy work day and I typically work at home.

Others sought respite at midday outside. Because, if you huddle next to a brick wall, not too far from something that spouts warm air, you could even enjoy a cigarette break on a picnic bench.

001 copy

Not good enough? Okay, on the way to the grocery store, I passed a backyard that had relics of the summer still there. On the back porch: a grill, a few chairs…

I noticed it because it was framed in the colors of Madison’s fall/winter. So much better than freezing drizzle.

003 copy